Barry Ford in his career has sung and danced on Paris TV and driven a race car at Indy.

Born in Oakland, California of a British father and an American mother, red-haired freshman Barry became his High School's "Frankie" and sang for all occasions - dances, assemblies, graduation and as vocalist with his high school dance band.

He discovered his acting talent when he appeared in a little theater production.  From then on he dreamed only of becoming a show biz professional.   After graduation (he sang for it) and service in the US Air Force, Barry got a Bachelors in Communications from Sacramento State University and an Equity card from the Sacramento Music Circus, when he replaced a leading performer. 

After a few years in San Francisco’s Actors Workshop, Barry took his talents to Paris, France where he had heard they needed actors for film dubbing.  In Paris, he became an expert English language dubber, and was even the French voice of an American star for one film. 

Then French TV found him.  He appeared in a well-received comedy special with several stars.  His Director found out that he could sing and dance and put him in a musical TV show.  Publicity for his dancing appeared in the French papers and the reviewers described him as an "American in Paris" when they saw him sing and dance down a stairway "a la Fred Astaire" surrounded by beautiful girls.  He then played an American gangster in a musical comedy.  An American TV director, having cast Barry as a guest star in a series he was shooting in France, saw Barry on TV and, having admired his professionalism before the camera, encouraged him to return to the US.

Barry, back in the States, began with the Director’s help to work in TV series.  He then won praise for his stage work in two prominent productions in Hollywood.  These led to many more TV and film roles frequently using language skills he had acquired in Europe.

Seeking new opportunities, Barry left for New York City, loved it and did TV and theater work that took him all over the US.  In NY, James Goldstone cast him as a race car driver in the film "Winning."  Barry, coached by 2 time "500" winner, Roger Ward, drove the famous track at nearly 200 mph.

In 2005, Barry returned to the West Coast.  Since then, he's appeared in several films and plays and is delighted to be back.


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